Cro-Magnon Man drank Coca Cola

by Aidan Andrew Dun

When Homo Sapiens moved into a Europe dominated by Cro-Magnon man we were were up against a fella with a bigger brain, heftier physique, better tools, nastier weapons. We were outclassed but we had one unique advantage: we loved beautiful things. We networked and we intercommunicated and we exchanged works of art. We came together around a value-system based on our ability to share the fruits of self-analysis and self-reflection. Anthropologists believe this sharing made us strong.

Now we’re combating the New World Order, the dying beast of corporate greed which lashes out in its death-throes against the backdrop of the Shift of the Ages. (It was nearly magic-underwear-time in the White House.) To all outward appearances nothing changed at the solstice, and this morning we continue to network, network, network for a transformation which is ongoing. (‘Revolution’ is a word which doesn’t impress me).

That beautiful phrase ‘world without end’ comes in the Lord’s Prayer. And this little world didn’t come to an end last night. But, in Bolivia, on December 21st 2012, Coca Cola was declared an illegal substance…