On Dub

by Aidan Andrew Dun

Here’s the thing about dub.

Dub is the highly-blessed contemporary vehicle for the one-world-one-love chant of our new revelation.

We’re going to the Golden Age, we’ll be there in 4,000 years. This is prophecy and Rimbaud saw it coming: “Love’s to be reinvented.” The next religion will be Rasta and it will bring about the resolution of stress in the Abrahamic family. It will mean One Love, direct, no problem.

Dylan is a greater poet than Bob Marley but he’s not a prophet; Dylan is fundamentally a stupendous poseur with a heart of gold underneath the glitz. But in Japan they sing reggae in Japanese with Jamaican accents because prophets transform the world. Bob Marley moved everyone with the revolutionary gospel of Christ re-expressed for our times. He spoke about partaking of wholemeal porridge as if it was the sacrament of Christ’s broken body being shared round a campfire in 4am Trenchtown. Dylan had his moment of prophecy when he made Slow Train Coming, still regarded by many as his best album. But he threw it away, the vibe was too judgmental.

Blessed are the peacemakers, we are going to transcend war on this planet. We can and shall evolve beyond a primitive collective reflex which has been described as the normalization of madness. ‘They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.’ Isaiah 11.9

Some maintain there is good in war and from a relativist position, yeah okay, that can be argued; you can demonstrate almost anything from dualistic angles. But only our vampiric banks and our military industrial complex benefit from war. War is beneficial to an insane elite but not to the rest of the one human fam. The evils of what Blake calls ‘corporeal war’ so outweigh any possible good that all scales of comparative measurement are completely destroyed.

Yet Blake speaks of the need for nonviolent ‘mental fight’, the struggle of righteous anger. Blake was the first UK Rasta, a true prophet.

So we make dubs because the form is more than equal to the challenge of singing God’s praises in the deserts of modernity. Heaven on the earth, right now, is what dub demands. Dub demands “Thy kingdom come”, human rights, an end to genocide. Dub says “Good and bad in all races.” Dub still carries the flag of peace and love while rock’n’roll’s forgotten the quiet revolution and muddles on under the washed-out rag of surrender.

Dub says: “The cool shall inherit the earth”. That’s dub, the foundation-stone of all modern electronica.

So humble down, Rasta children, make yr little dubs and offer them to peeps to d/load… like the sharing of bread and wine, yeah, like holy communion in the electronic age.

One Love in the new times, lift yrselves, big up!

Voice of Kings Cross

This vid shot in Israel, salaam, shalom, peace…