Fierce Moon

by Aidan Andrew Dun

In this love-poem a metaphorical alien moon invades and destabilizes a solar system, a way of life. An affair of the heart is described in terms of astronomical catastrophism.



Once, not long ago, yesterday even,
you loomed and dazzled, fantastic lodestar.
Just over the north horizon, just gone,
you are still an awesome curved presence.

I look at each day in a scientific light, compare
through the powerful dust-covered lens of memory.
As though all experience belonged in the past
I live in the terrible museum of our friendship.

Even now, mounting watchtowers and platforms
to stand in the observatory of real life once more,
I remember enormous trajectories, derangements
catastrophic love imposed on so-called freedom.

Planets have been destroyed, whole oceans
burnt off, evaporated in less than half a second.
I was lucky to survive your beautiful proximity.
I trust I shall never see you again, fierce moon.


An audio version of the poem: