Black Sun

by Aidan Andrew Dun



A red sun dips
out of sight
a heart looks forward
to dark falling.

A redder sun
sinks west
forgotten delight
arises, calling

Darkness: ‘Quickly!
Come soon!’
No dawn profanes
this night-air.

A heart is falling in love
with darkness
what’s happening
isn’t clear.

Now screams
a black guitar in pain
now a drug’s smoke
lies over the town.

Dancers are moving
groin to groin
(desire turns cities

Here’s the stone
forest of dreams
here’s a mystery
not known as such.

Observe, a Sumerian
waves a wand
which exerts too much

Good magic: a
population’s gone under
the spell of pleasure
which redeems.

Summer joy: a lover
in the night
his kiss a breaking
wave it seems

Her lips a long
smooth curved beach
whispers to
his angel supine.

A red sun dips
away from sight
a heart sends out
black sunshine.