Flying Horses

by Aidan Andrew Dun



Winged horses
I saw in white
mountains Olympian
horses plunging
over summits
gale-riding aerial
palominos, silvers
circling snowlands
touching down
in whirlwinds
storms of crystal.

Forget animals
of this world
these made
thoroughbred stallions
into shire-horses;
forget winter sports
terrestrial mountains
athletes gliding
in parabolas
over ranges:
these came
out of the sun
snorting light
eyes bloodshot
with ether and stardust
wild foaming snow
bubbling vast lips
spilling into
perpendicular winds.

What were they?
If I ever see
them again
it will be through
powerful introspection
those jet-propelled
sky-creatures, animals
resembling extraordinary
horses in flight:
giant god-like
flyers of my dream.