Garden As Launch-Site

by Aidan Andrew Dun


Purple octane
flowers that rocket
to the sun with
vapour-trails mounting
skyward at noon
through perfumed
stratospheric gardens
over the soft
green skin of
the natural world
you are:
blast of sweetness
from vast engines
constantly firing
energy in silence
incredible soundless
explosion of horsepower:
O myriad sunships

Where drunken
seven-week butterflies
act like fins to guide
the lavender upwards;
bumblebee astronauts
ride nose-cones buzzing
with the message
of a joyful lifework:
you are weightlessness
without responsibility
gravitation of the aristocratic

And travelling
magnolia forests
stopping to rest in aerial
beds of spearmint
I climb through
realms of fire
in amazement
transported into fantastic
regions of summer.