Four Labels of Superrealism

by Aidan Andrew Dun


Sphere of the eye
point of the nose
cube of the tooth
disc of touch.

Fertlity of past-time
riches of inner-space
gracefulness of the outer world
wisdom of future-time.

Impatience of movement
lethargy of contemplation
depression of labour
cheerfulness of thought.

Overconfidence of full moon
tranquility of last-quarter
suspiciousness of dark moon
impulsiveness of first quarter.

Energy of solitude
indifference to poverty
obstinacy of anger
infectiousness of folly.

Urgency of sex
heaviness of wealth
melancholia of the world
ecstasy of perception.

Lightning of love
drizzle of life
thunder of the law
speed of the mind.

Fire of decision
water of acceptance
rock of necessity
wind of persistence.

Hummingbird of free-will
peacock of fate
ostrich of necessity
condor of destiny.