Green Sandals

by Aidan Andrew Dun



Green sandals
climbed a staircase
into the clouds

Passed a tree
flamboyant angel
heels cradled.

Everyday street-signs
instructed in a
parallel language

Nephilim on
the stairway towelled
titanic foreheads.

Normal avenues
crossed the mountain
at right-angles

The house of God
appeared a white cube
at the summit!

descending multitudes
wore bright rags of vapour

Doves flew from
turrets on the pilgrimage
of Etheria.

Spires rising
like rocketships made
choral music

Green sandals
laughed as she
entered the holy-city.

Soles made of sunlight
her fingernails

She peeled an apple
travelling all over
her body.

She watered a plastic
rose, the dead
thing came to life!

Prayers flooded
softly from
a donkey’s mouth.

The priest of
a small island spoke
mysteries of abasement

Victories of
shapeshifting journeys:

Green sandals
climbed a staircase
into the clouds.