Mirror and Wheel

by Aidan Andrew Dun



You are possessed by
your own reflection
demon who eyes you
in the land of uncertainty
you who only exist
when another sees you.

Yet the vanishing
of a mortal body
suggests itself in
a disturbing manner
every time your image
quits the glass.

You hurry to be seen
in the world, quickly
invoke the immediately
required onlooker
hired at random from
potential objects.

Yes, the grim moment
of simulated genesis:
a glance in the mirror and
we are ready to go down
backpacking the spiritual
equivalent of several gravities.


And turn to you
preposterous rider
on what has not yet
even been constructed
shadowy roller of less-
than-angelic speed.

Your self-image blurred
you have no need
of any past or even
contemporary positions
in fact the present is shaken
to pieces by your passage

Towards a proud future from
which no one looks back:
but you notice nothing
as the cold winds roll
over your forehead
streamlined, forward-driving.