Daybreak to Sunset

by Aidan Andrew Dun


An apology for
the night before
the day begins with
a golden yawn.

A flight of homing-
pigeons stretches
a white net
trawling the sky.

Transitory sensual
fictions start again
to focus minds on
what is not.

Streets wriggle their
toes, buses pass
wind under a grey
spread of pollution.

What ceased to matter
in the night as
opened double-doors

Now assumes
in ghostly sunlight
significance: in
supermarket aisles

Women have
metallic conversations
the price of illusion
steadily falls.

Houses queue-up
jostle eachother
get thrown like dice
on the city’s board.

Responsible phantoms
transact the old way;
ideologues of the system
swagger about.

Hypnosis will
continue to hold sway
till night returns with
a stick of dynamite

Lights the fuse
from the setting sun
brings non-being back
from behind the day.