Winged Thoughts in the Age of Air

Month: August, 2015

Daddy Long Legs

Study in the exhausted
summer where sapphires
die in spider-webs
a sun-dried skeleton:
expired in the arbour.

Wrapped lovingly
around a wisteria pod’s
green torpedo of seasonal
exit, clockwork death’s
beautiful coffin-shaped
mother-ship of final

He offers a small
passionate testament:
something makes
created things cohere.
(Always another world
nearer than near.)


Meeting in Sunlight

A sunlit pavement
dust illuminated
her shadow, mine.

Sublime, since
love is subtle, just
her outline stated:

that consecrated
curve of her face

Where in desire
sunlight sheds joy
across the world.

Philosophers, think:
her two-dimensional
shadow touching mine.

One glance makes
the sun of love
to shine.

Imagine other rays
from that divine
light-source of her eyes.

Lovers, cosmologers!
See a man seeing truth
for the first time.

fireball 1


Men are stupid
women are complicated
but God is so simple.



An explorer lost
at the pole, searching
for the world’s axis
ship crushed in grinding ice
sees no morning
till a distant summer
raises the sun
from dark months.

that returning light
as mystics decribe
warm rays shining
into separation
from a supernatural face
when the dead dream about
the angel of release.

Auroras flicker
round her head;
there’s a flame
in a frozen spine.
Earth no longer
revolves, silently
blue ghosts cast
fantastic shadows.

Oriental cities rise
up into the sky’s
overturned lifeboat.
A photograph
in the underworld
means everything
to men kept alive
in eternal night.


Business Class

cyborg 4

People bouncing around the planet
like three-dimensional yoyo’s
on a squash-court of international airports.

The angular quality of movement today
reflected in sidetracked lives where
everything happens too fast.

A universe unravels as bodies out-of-phase
collide painfully in aching extremities
modern influenza caught travelling.

Magnates cross the sky business-class
names briefly engraved on clouds by lasers
by men with holographic epaulettes.

Only these are too good to touch the earth
too rarefied for our blue sphere.
Business-class is for the very best.