Decline of the Songbird

by Aidan Andrew Dun


Close-up, through the round
lens of thumb-to-forefinger
two magpies captured

In second meadow sunlight
three enclosed now
in a handmade loop.

circular gesture
is my secret sign

Framed eye which says:
An intuitive wonders
you come so near

O black-and-white roadrunner
tuft-hopper on the burnt paths
mounting your watch

Two-toned, smartly-dressed
quick-witted, cynical, wry
poised and patient.

(Only you remain now
though suddenly
six could appear.)

You are to blame, I hear
for disappearing songbirds
less intelligent than you.

Is this true, master-builder
sober and sapient corvid
in conservative waistcoat?

Are the music-makers
dispossessed, destitute
in your world too?