The Triple Goddess in Lamb’s Conduit Street

by Aidan Andrew Dun


for M.R.

Such a smile
from Autumn herself
a withered flower
in a sunny street

In a dress of courage
in the face of change
in the midst of time
as a ghost of heat.

Her naive hat
drank in the sun
she showed the weeds
her way to shine

Her matching shoes
caressed the ground
pink shapes on life’s
stone-grey incline.


As she passed
the house of death
a child-nurse screamed
her spirit strong.

A matron cried
sank to her knees
on the sunlit street:
that soul was gone.

The matron wept
for one who died
a virgin-child
a spirit wild.


As age passed-by
Great Ormond Street
herself began to cry.

The dragon wept
where fell the bomb.
Still holding high
the old one kept

Walking on to
Queen Anne Square
solar woman
great adept.

And you were there

And you were there
playing your zither
your jet-black zither